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1+1=3 or: New drive for sales and marketing

SI-nect is a powerful modular software-system with two central core modules:

An online booking system for your products, linked to your existing website together with a comprehensive event system that allows you to proactively initiate test drives and other product experiences. The key feature is a systemic connection of both modules in the form of a central system cockpit in which all key figures are displayed in real time. This enables you to boost your sales figures, generate new contacts, and make your marketing measurable.

New prospective customers book a concrete test drive date for their desired model in an available trim level via your website with just three clicks. Interfaces to your existing systems also ensure contact to an expert from your sales team. The booking is confirmed with a QR code that can be managed in a mobile device wallet.

From test drives to service campaigns, this fully digital management system enables you to independently initiate, centrally control and manage all events within your company. From the initial invitation to post-event feedback, you operate autonomously and are flexible in your communications.

The SI-nect backend gives you access to your personal company cockpit. In the roles and rights system you can define which team members have access to key figures in the booking and event system. The cockpit also shows the number and type of new leads for the month, how many confirmations, cancellations and open participants there are for specific events, and the responses to your marketing activities, for example in print, social media or promotional campaigns.

The booking system – your customer's dream model on the desired date

With just three clicks, your prospective buyers can book a test drive on your website with the preferred model in an available trim level, on a specific date, and with an expert from your sales team. Both the customer and sales team receive a digital confirmation along with an e-mail. Transparent monitoring takes place in the company cockpit.

Model Management
Appointment Management
Team Management

The event system – a simple and direct link to your customers.

Invite defined target groups with just one click. You can use your event system to generate everything you need within ten minutes.
Events include every type of product or brand experience for which you are the initiator – anything from exclusive test drives to service-related activities that have a positive impact on your after-sales business. This software module can be used to comprehensively map different kinds of corporate events, from conferences and workshops, to incentives, management training or everyday business meetings.
To generate new leads, simply link supporting campaigns on other channels to your activities and use your cockpit to display the key figures in real time.

Document Management
Participant Management
Name tag
SI-nect Cockpit

The cockpit – a systemic connection to both core modules.

The system cockpit shows you all key figures from your booking and event system.

How many prospective customers have you generated through the booking system? How many test drives have been completed in one month? How many invited guests have attended your events? One click compiles all key figures and data for prospects and customers and generates a downloadable file. Responses to parallel campaigns, promotions and other marketing activities can be transparently displayed in the cockpit.

- Reactions to your marketing activities
- One-click data export
- Live status of customer and participant activities
- Event and booking overview

System Users

Long-term and trustful teamwork

Safety first

The security of your personal and job-related data is our top priority. This includes everything from firewalls and SSL encryption, to data and ISO conformity.

Safety first

Die Sicherheit Ihrer personen- und jobbezogenen Daten hat bei uns oberste Priorität. Das umfasst Themen wie Firewall, SSL-Verschlüsselung von Daten und die ISO-Konformität.

24/7 Service

As a license partner and user of our software system toolkit and within the scope of projects, we reliably support you around the clock. Simply write or call us and we will solve your problem immediately.

24/7 Service

Im Rahmen von Projekten oder als Lizenzpartner und Nutzer unseres Software Systembaukastens, betreuen wir Sie zuverlässig rund um die Uhr. Sie schreiben oder sprechen mit uns und wir lösen Ihr Problem sofort.


As a company, we are backed by nearly 25 years of design and implementation experience in the field of live marketing and communication. We also have more than 10 years of experience with in-house development and application of specific software solutions for events, marketing, and sales. 


Als Unternehmen verfügen wir über eine fast 25-jährige Konzeptions- und Realisierungs-Expertise im Bereich Live-Marketing und Kommunikation. Dazu kommen über 10 Jahre Erfahrung in der Inhouse-Entwicklung und Verwendung von event-, marketing- und vertriebsspezifischen Software Lösungen. 

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