Continuously improving – live and digital!

For more than 20 years, we have been designing and implementing creative event and communication formats that invest in the relationships and quality of brands, products, and people.

A key turning point in our company’s development was the establishment of an in-house software unit in 2010. Our aim was to develop high-end solutions for the main challenges faced by our customers: security, process optimization, responsiveness, and constant availability of key figures for event projects.

It all began at a time before the term ‘digital transformation’ came into existence. And this is the sequence that is so fundamental from the customer’s point of view. We started out as experts in live marketing. Our software solution is the logical consequence and digital footprint resulting from years of work.

Today, we offer intelligent solutions designed to make businesses more efficient, secure and successful. This is our way of revolutionizing the digital future of product experiences and sales as an integral part of every business development.